Engineers Institute of India-Eii is well known for quality test package among serious GATE aspirants in present as well as in past years as many Top Rankers had attended our GATE-All India Online Test Series to check their preparations level. Our test packages are revised and fit-to-pattern with balanced set of questions ( MCQs / NAT-exact / NAT-range ) as asked into real GATE examination. To nurture an individual performance we provide GATE standard typical conceptual questions on our test portal where user interface is similar to actual GATE examinations and same features like Virtual scientific calculator, screen-enabled keyboard.

In past years few questions were asked directly from our Test Series with changes in data & language, which is symbolic and truth of quality judged by thousands of students who had attended our Test package in GATE 2024,2023,2022,2021...

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Register Now for GATE-2025 ALL INDIA OPEN MOCK TEST (FREE) is Scheduled on 21-Jan-25 at 11am-2pm

1). Full Length Test paper as per GATE latest pattern, students are advised to appear at given schedule only.

2). This test will be conducted at our test portal: https://ots.engineersinstitute.com

Note: Existing test user can use same login for Open Mock Test, Only new user need to register for this test.

Register Now for GATE-2025 All India Online Test-Series (PAID Package)

1). Subjective-Test: They are composed as per syllabus of subject and questions are mixed in nature (MCQs / NAT-exact / NAT-range).

2). Full Length-Test: They are composed as per entire GATE syllabus and questions are mixed in nature (MCQs / NAT-exact / NAT-range).

After submission of response/answers, one can check correct answers and its detailed answer. System-generated performance reports like Marks, Qualifying level, Accuracy Level, Time-managements and comparative score with top scorer.

We advise you to attempt the test once you complete theoretical studies of subject and solve the practice questions given into lecture notes or study materials; it would enhance your solving skills as it contains many short-cuts and tricks to solve typical problems in less time.

Engineers Institute of India-Eii facilitate All India Open Mock Test (FREE) before actual GATE examinations to bring aspiring students of upcoming GATE 2025 examination to check their preparations level with GATE Standard Questions. This is a scheduled for every year and all students need to register at our test portal https://ots.engineersinstitute.com to attempt the test. Score and performance reports are generated and shared individually to boost your final outcome into Real GATE examination. One can estimate lagging areas and its improvements opportunities based on the results of GATE Open Mock Test.

Test Package-1 : All India Mock Test
GATE-2025 Online Test Series Subjective Test + Full Length Test Fee : Rs.2000 Access from anywhere 24*7

Test papers structured into two Basics and Advanced level.

Basics Level: Focuses on basics fundamental concepts.

Advanced Level: Includes conceptual and tricky questions.

Papers designed to maintain balance within given time limits.

System automatically submits papers if time limit exceeded.

Immediate generation of results after submission of test.

Results include Rank, Marks, Solutions and analysis info.

Tests accessible anytime from Laptop, or Mobile devices.

PC/Laptop usage recommended for better UI experience.

Test Package-2 : Centre Based Test (Delhi)
GATE-2025 Online Test Series 2 - Full Length Test Fee : Rs.1000 Scheduled Test at our CBT centre

GATE-Centre Based Test is scheduled on 22-Dec-24 & 5-Jan-25 at New Delhi.

Provides students with a real exam atmosphere for optimal preparation.

Conducted as a replica of the GATE full-length Test with similar exam interface.

Registration open till 20-Dec-24 to appear into our Pre-GATE Centre Based Test.

Use same virtual keyboard & scientific calculator.

Test Package-3 : Pre-GATE
GATE-2025 Online Test Series 2- Full Length Test Fee : Rs.1000 Scheduled Test, Online-Access

Pre-GATE is a scheduled all India Online Mock Test.

1st test on 22-Dec-2024 and 2nd test on 5-Jan-2025.

3hour test duration covering full length syllabus.

Students can participate from anywhere via our Test portal.

Create username & password before 15-Dec-2024 to access this tests.

A free Pre-GATE Mock is available on 12-Jan-2025

Anyone can take this test to experience the real exam experience.

GATE 2025 Online Test Series

Fit to Pattern and Similar Question Types

Our GATE Mock Test series is designed to help you revise the basic fundamentals through both Subjective and Full-Length Tests. The questions included in the tests are well arranged, ensuring that you cover examination oriented topics from General Aptitude-GA, Engineering Mathematics & core-Subjects of GATE syllabus.

Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and NAT Questions

Our GATE Mock Tests consist of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple Select Questions (MSQs), and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. These question types are framed to match the pattern of the actual GATE exam, allowing you to practice basics & conceptual questions as per GATE exam format.

User-Friendly Interface and Tools

Our Mock Tests feature a user-friendly interface that mimics the real exam environment. Additionally, we provide a virtual keyboard and a scientific calculator to familiarize you with the tools you will have access to during the actual GATE exam.

Instant Solution and Analysis

After submission of the test, you will receive Instant Solutions with answers along with a Rank and score analysis. This helps you to evaluate your performance and understand your weaknesses to work on them.

Real GATE Exam-like Questions

We have expertise of the last 17 years in GATE examination and many questions have been asked in recent years in the actual GATE exam, with minor changes in data and language. This indicates our proficiency in designing real GATE exam-like questions.

Comprehensive Test Package

Our test package includes in-depth reports that allow you to check your preparation level and understanding of subjects. It also helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work towards further improvements. Our results speak volumes about the quality of our test papers, with a long list of students securing ranks and attributing their success to our Test package.

By practicing with our GATE Mock Test series, you will be well-prepared for the real GATE exams and feel confident in tackling a variety of question types.

Enroll in our Test Package and experience the difference in your preparation. Enhance your Scoring Skills and achieve a top rank in GATE!

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