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GATE-All India Online Test-Series -

Engineers Institute of India-Eii is well known for quality test package among serious GATE aspirants in present as well as in past years as many Top Rankers had attended our GATE-All India Online Test Series to check their preparations level. Our test packages are revised and fit-to-pattern with balanced set of questions ( MCQs / NAT-exact / NAT-range ) as asked into real GATE examination. To nurture an individual performance we provide GATE standard typical conceptual questions on our test portal where user interface is similar to actual GATE examinations and same features like Virtual scientific calculator, screen-enabled keyboard.

In past years few questions were asked directly from our Test Series with changes in data & language, which is symbolic and truth of quality judged by thousands of students who had attended our Test package in GATE 2022 & GATE 2021.

Rated as Most Trusted GATE Test Portal in 2022 by GATE AIR-1

Subjective-Test : They are composed as per syllabus of subject and questions are mixed in nature ( MCQs / NAT-exact / NAT-range ).

Full Length-Test : They are composed as per entire GATE syllabus and questions are mixed in nature ( MCQs / NAT-exact / NAT-range ).

After submission of response /answers, one can check correct answers and its detailed answer. System generated performance reports like Marks, Qualifying level, Accuracy Level, Time-managements and comparative score with top scorer.

We advised you to attempt the test once you complete theoretical studies of subject and solve the practice questions given into lecture notes or study materials; it would enhance your solving skills as it contains many short-cuts and tricks to solve typical problems in less time.

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Engineers Institute of India-Eii facilitate All India Open Mock Test (FREE) before actual GATE examinations to bring aspiring students of upcoming GATE examination to check their preparations level with GATE Standard Questions. This is a scheduled for every year and all students need to register at our test portal https://www.onlinetestpower.comto attempt the test. Score and performance reports are generated and shared individually to boost your final outcome into Real GATE examination. One can estimate lagging areas and its improvements opportunities based on the results of GATE Open Mock Test.

GATE 2023 :All India Open Mock Test (FREE)
LAST DATE 9th December-2022
100 Marks/180Minutes : 65 Questions, Entire SyllabusRegister Now
Chemical Engineering | Civil Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical / Electronics
Full Length Test-111th December-202210:00am to 1:00pm (Fixed Timing)Fee : Rs.0
Full Length Test-225th December-202210:00am to 1:00pm (Fixed Timing)Fee : Rs.0