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GATE 2023 Online Test Series : List of mock test in Mechanical Engineering - ME

Basic Level : 15 - Topic Wise Test
Test Name
Test Code
Engineering Mathematics TWT-B1
General Aptitude TWT-B2
Strength of Materials TWT-B3
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics TWT-B4
Thermodynamics TWT-B5ME
Heat & Mass Transfer TWT-B6ME
RAC + IC + Power Plant Engineering TWT-B7ME
Engineering Mechanics TWT-B8ME
Theory of Machine TWT-B9ME
Machine Design TWT-B10ME
Industrial Engineering + Operational Research TWT-B11ME
Production Engineering-Part1
(Wielding, Casting, Meteorology, NTMM, Material Science)
Production Engineering-Part2
(Metal cutting, Metal forming, NC-CNC)
Misellenious-1 TWT-B14ME
Misellenious-1 TWT-B15ME
Advance Level : 10 - Topic Wise Test
Engineering Mathematics TWT-A16
General Aptitude TWT-A17
Strength of Materials + Machine Design TWT-A18ME
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics TWT-A19ME
Thermodynamics TWT-A20ME
Heat & Mass Transfer TWT-A21ME
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
+ IC Engines + Power Plant Engineering
Engineering Mechanics + Theory of Machine TWT-A23ME
Industrial Engineering + Operational Research TWT-A24ME
Production Engineering TWT-A25ME
Basic Level : 15 - Full Length Test
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Basic Level: 10)
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Basic Level: 5)
Advance Level : 10 - Full Length Test
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Advance Level: 5)
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Advance Level: 5)
Rankers Test : 10 Test
GATE Full Length Syllabus
Open Mock Test : 15 Test
GATE Full Length Open Mock Test

Available Test Packages

GATE Topic-wise + Full Length

Tests are designed from moderate level to advance level with all type of questions MCQ, NAT.

Pre-GATE All India Test Series (3-Test)

These test are designed to test individuals performance before actual exam at national level.

CBT-Computer Based Test at Test Centre

These tests are conducted at actual/similar test centre in similar environment at Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Mumbai on fixed schedule.

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