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Join our Mock Interview session exclusive for 2024 recruitment & ensure top notch performance into real interview.

  • • Tailored for BARC & NPCIL Standards: Get insights and guidance specific to BARC & NPCIL requirements.
  • • Led by Industry Professionals: Learn from experienced professionals currently working at BARC & NPCIL.
  • • Two Mock Interviews (30-45 Minutes Each): Personalized practice sessions.
  • • Online via Zoom or Google Meet: Convenient and accessible from anywhere.
  • • Fee: Rs.2000 for external, Rs.1500 for internal student.

The schedule for your mock interview will be provided after registration. If you encounter any issues, please call us at 9990357855.

Prepare for Your BARC & NPCIL Interviews with Expert Guidance

Are you a Chemical Engineering graduate aiming to secure a position at BARC or NPCIL? We understand the challenges and high standards required for these prestigious interviews. To help you succeed, we offer comprehensive mock interview sessions designed to prepare you thoroughly.

Why Choose Our Mock Interview Sessions?
  • • Tailored to BARC & NPCIL Standards: Our sessions are specifically designed to match the exact requirements and expectations of BARC and NPCIL interviews.
  • • Led by Industry Professionals: Benefit from the expertise of current working scientists at BARC and NPCIL who provide realistic and insightful mock interview experiences.
  • • Two Detailed Mock Interviews: Each session lasts 30-45 minutes, giving you ample time to practice and receive valuable feedback.
  • • Convenient Online Format: Participate in live-online sessions via Zoom or Google Meet, making it easy to fit into your schedule regardless of your location.

Boost Your Interview Performance

Gain the confidence and skills needed to excel in your BARC & NPCIL interviews. Our mock sessions simulate the real interview environment, providing you with a replica experience that enhances your readiness and performance.

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