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GATE Exam Syllabus

GATE Revised & Updated Syllabus

GATE Exam Syllabus is well defined for upcoming GATE 2019-20. In recent changes into GATE syllabus few new topics has been added to almost all Engineering branches.

Syllabus for General Aptitude (GA) section is COMMON TO ALL PAPERS

We suggest and follow updated GATE syllabus for preparing future GATE aspirants. In coming GATE examination there is NO major change into previous GATE syllabus.

You may contact our mentors/team for further clarifications regarding list of important topics into GATE Syllabus. Students need to prepare topics with more efforts, which are having good weight-age and are frequently asked into GATE examinations.

For most of the branches syllabus are defined into various sections ( Similar or related topics of more than one subjects).

1-2 questions are asked out-off syllabus almost every year into GATE examinations, which need to be prepared by analyzing few years questions. Required information for Syllabus for the GATE Exam   is mentioned here.

GATE General Aptitude Syllabus for ECE, EE, CS, IT, ME, CSE, IN, CE, CH

  • General Aptitude (GA) will be common for all the papers : 10 Questions carrying 15 Marks

Verbal Ability:

English grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, critical reasoning and verbal deduction.

Numerical Ability:

Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation.

GATE Core-Technical (Engineering)Syllabus for ECE, EE, CS, IT, ME, CSE, IN, CE, CH

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for Chemical Engineering - CH.(Click Here)

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for Civil Engineering - CE.(Click Here)

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for Computer Science & Information Technology - CS & IT.(Click Here)

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for Electrical Engineering - EE.(Click Here)

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for Electronics & Communication Engineering - ECE.(Click Here)

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for Instrumentation Engineering - IN.(Click Here)

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering - ME.(Click Here)

  • GATE Exam Syllabus for General Aptitude - GA.( Common Syllabus for ALL Branch) (Click Here)

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  • Regular Batch: (GATE+PSUs 2023)

    • 07/21 March, 10/24 April, 15/29 May ,12/26 June, 17/31 July, 21 Aug.
    • Course : 7-8 months tentative
  • Online Class (LIVE) (GATE+PSUs 2023)

  • Admission Open : May, June, July, August
  • Course : 8-9 months tentative
  • Weekend Batch: (GATE+PSUs: 2023)

  • 13 Feb, 13 March, 10 April, 15 May , 12 June
  • Course : 8-9 months tentative
    • Crash Course( Offline ): (GATE-2023

    • 11/25 September, 9/16/23 October
    • Course : 100-120 days tentative
    • SSC JE & AE
    • 10/24 April, 15/29 May ,12/26 June, 17/31 July, 21 Aug.
      Course : 5-6 months tentative
  • Combined : GATE+PSUs+ESE

  • 11 May, 15 June , 13 July, 10 Aug
  • Course : 8-9 months tentative

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