ESE 2014 & GATE 2015 Top Rank Selections

Online Mock Test Series for GATE-2016 (Electronics & Communication - ECE)

Total Number of Test: 60 (25 Topic-wise Test, 25 Full-Length Tes, 10 Ranker's Test )

#  Each Test paper is designed and compiled as per recent Online GATE papers.


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GATE Test Series
Test Schedule
Test Name
Test Code
1st June to 30th June 2015 Test-1. Engineering Mathematics TWT-B1
Test-2.General Aptitude TWT-B2
Test-3. Engineering Mathematics TWT-B3
Test-4. General Aptitude TWT-B4
Test-5. Network Theory TWT-B5EC
Test-6. Electronic Devices & Circuits TWT-B6EC
Test-7. Analog Electronics TWT-B7EC
Test-8. Digital Electronics TWT-B8EC
Test-9. Control Systems TWT-B9EC
Test-10. Microprocessor TWT-B10EC
1st to 15th July Test-11. Signals and Systems TWT-B11EC
Test-12. Communications Systems TWT-B12EC
Test-13. Electromagnetic Theory TWT-B13EC
Test-14. Miscellaneous TWT-B14EC
Test-15. Miscellaneous TWT-B15EC
GATE Online Test Series
16thto 30th July 2015 Test-1. Engineering Mathematics TWT-A1
Test-2. General Aptitude TWT-A2
Test-3. Engineering Mathematics TWT-A3EC
Test-4. General Aptitude TWT-A4EC
Test-5. Network Theory TWT-A5EC
1st to 15th August 2015 Test-6. Digital Electronics + Microprocessor TWT-A6EC
Test-7. Electronic devices + Analog Electronics TWT-A7EC
Test-8. Control Systems TWT-A8EC
Test-9. Signals and Systems + Communications Systems TWT-A9EC
Test-10. Electromagnetic Theory TWT-A10EC
Online Test Series
1st to 30th September 2015
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Basic Level: 10)
1st to 15th October 2015
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Basic Level: 5)
Online GATE Test Series
16th to 30th October 2015
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Advance Level: 5)
1st to 15th November 2015
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Advance Level: 5)
GATE Test Series
1st December 2015
30th January 2016
GATE Full Length Syllabus

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