GATE 2018 ELECTRICAL-EE Paper Facts Analysis

As per the review and feedback collected from Students who appeared for GATE 2018 Electrical Engineering, We have compiled below Facts & Analysis.

  1. Non-Technical part : General Aptitude seems EASY and and one can expect good Score, if he/she has maintained accuracy
  2. Non-Technical part : Engineering Mathematics Questions are also EASY and One can easily solve with average practices.
  3. TECHNICAL PART : Network, Control, EMFT, Measurements-MI, Digital Questions were EASY and fit to pattern.Questions from Electrical Machines, Power Systems & Power Electronics are bit TOUGH and length of the Questions are lengthy. As many of these questions are of NAT-Numerical Answer Type. So most of the students face it difficult to get the answers. As i have discussed before GATE exam in my many seminars and hints to get ready for NAT type mostly ANSWERS are coming in DECIMAL range and those who have done LESS practice on GATE Scientific-Calculator faced issue of Calculations & unable to score well.
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  5. EXPECTED CUTOFF & GOOD SCORE : If you have score 65-70 then only you can expect a remarkable score ( 200-300 AIR). To get PSUs Call through GATE-2018 in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING one has to get AIR upto 220.
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